I Sing of Morgan

When a young man who has been held captive by a cruel lord for so long that he can no longer remember why he is there, who he is or where he came from, finally escapes, he embarks on an epic journey with momentous consequences for the inhabitants of Talaria and it neighbouring kingdoms.

Once he finally shakes off the dogged pursuit of his captors, a chance meeting with a naiad sets off a series of events which no one could have foreseen.

The first book of this series, In the Cave of the Naiad, is Mark’s current active project, with a sequel, The Guardians of the Oak, to follow.  A third, as yet untitled, novel will complete the series.

  • Book 1 – In the Cave of the Naiad
  • Book 2 – The Guardians of the Oak
  • Book 3 – untitled at this stage.