Tolkien biopic due out soon!

MoviesWant to see the trailer for the new Tolkien biopic? It’s available now.

According to

“The life of J.R.R. Tolkien was as tumultuous as his books: orphaned at young age, marked by World War I, fighting to woo the woman he loved despite the disapproval of his guardians, and finally unspooling an entire fantasy world and multiple languages while teaching at Oxford. Now this story will get a star-studded cinematic treatment in a new biopic, Tolkien, with Nicholas Hoult as the author himself, Lily Collins as Tolkien’s ladylove (and inspiration for Lúthien Tinúviel) Edith Bratt, and Colm Meaney as the young Tolkien’s guardian and parish priest, Father Francis Morgan.”

Local author Kura Carpenter gets an excellent review on the NZ Bookseller’s Blog

Local author Kura Carpenter’s engrossing urban fantasy novel, The Kingfisher’s Debt, has been reviewed by The Reader – the Bookseller’s New Zealand Blog.

And what did they think? Here’s just a snippet:

“Reading The Kingfisher’s Debt took me on a wild romp around Dunedin to many places I have been to, but after reading this Urban Fantasy I will look and think differently about these familiar places.

Carpenter’s crisp descriptive writing is delightful and I could mentally picture many places she includes in the novel. ‘Their vivid dark blooms a tangle of untrimmed canes. The state of the roses, like the cars filling every space along Pitt Street, indicated this neighbourhood was primarily rental properties.’ The cover of the book is stunning and inviting, with appropriate photos cleverly aligned in the kingfisher photo.”

Read the full blog:

Review: Wise Phuul by Daniel Stride

The pace of Daniel Stride’s epic fantasy tale of Teltö Phuul and his involvement in the political machinations between two great nations grows in intensity as the heroes story progresses. As a reader, I found that my fascination with Teltö’s adventures grew in tandem with the pace of the story.

Daniel has crafted a complex fantasy world as the setting for a story that is richly told and over-flowing with adventures, plot-twists, action, sex, humour, war, air-ships, naval battles, re-animated dead, and much more.

His foreshadowed sequel will be much-anticipated.

Review: The Kingfisher’s Debt by Kura Carpenter

I’ve just finished reading The Kingfisher’s Debt, an urban fantasy novel by Dunedin-based New Zealand author, Kura Carpenter.

This story quickly wove its magic on me, drawing me in as the tale unfurled as if the central character was reaching out from the pages and weaving one of her spells on me, as the reader, until I was trapped and just couldn’t put it down. 

Set in Dunedin at the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island, this is urban fantasy shaped by a master of the craft. Kura Carpenter’s command of words and language along with her ability to weave an entrancing tale held me spellbound until the very end – and what an ending it was. 

This is a great read by a master storyteller. Highly recommended.

My muse spoke to me in the night

It’s amazing how the mind works sometimes.

Over the last few days I have been turning my mind to my new novel, In the Cave of the Naiad, Book One of a trilogy entitled I Sing of Morgan.

Lo and behold, last night I woke up in the wee hours with the opening sentence sitting quite clearly within the folds of my sleep-befuddled consciousness.  I lay awake for fifteen minutes or so, turning over the words and fine-tuning them until i thought I had it just right.  I was still only half asleep however and made the decision not to get up and write it down, even though a small part of me wondered if i would remember it all in the morning.

My worries were nothing more than that, as it turns out.  I woke up with the words still sitting there in my head – as clear as they were in the middle of the night.  Without further ado I jotted them down before they disappeared like the heavy fog that had surrounded my house as the sun came up.

That’s a first for me – starting out on a project with an unexpected episode of creativity like that.

Clearly my muse is looking down kindly on me today.  i mustn’t waste this opportunity ……