My new novel, As Fire is to Gold, is now available on

Very exciting!

I’ve just published my novel, As Fire is to Gold [Chronicles of the Ilaroi, Book 1] on – both as a paperback and an ebook.

If you would like to purchase a copy, either:

Even better, if you do get a copy, it would help me enormously if you put a review up on Amazon once you’ve read it!

Book 2, All the Leaves Have Fallen, which concludes the Chronicles of the Ilaroi, is being finalised for publication at the moment and will be available on Amazon within the next few weeks.

I hope you enjoy it.

When is the Lord of the Rings TV series released on Amazon? Who’s in the cast? What’s it going to be about?

If you haven’t heard about Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings series [actually, more accurately, a series set sometime before the events which take place in Lord of the Rings] then this recent RadioTimes post is a useful starting place to find out the what, when and where of it.

Rotten Tomatoes also have an interesting article on the latest news about this series.

Review: Wise Phuul by Daniel Stride

The pace of Daniel Stride’s epic fantasy tale of Teltö Phuul and his involvement in the political machinations between two great nations grows in intensity as the heroes story progresses. As a reader, I found that my fascination with Teltö’s adventures grew in tandem with the pace of the story.

Daniel has crafted a complex fantasy world as the setting for a story that is richly told and over-flowing with adventures, plot-twists, action, sex, humour, war, air-ships, naval battles, re-animated dead, and much more.

His foreshadowed sequel will be much-anticipated.