When All the Leaves Have Fallen

When All the Leaves Have Fallen is the second and concluding book in the Chronicles of the Ilaroi series.


When dark elves abduct Sara and magically transport her to a strange world, she finds herself at the centre of a deadly conflict between three powerful wizards.

Brought there to fuel the powerful spells of Golkar, one of Ilythia’s three ‘Guardian’ wizards, Sara finds herself alone in a strange world with nowhere to run to, no one to turn to and nowhere to hide.

Her fate seems certain.

But has Golkar got more than he bargained for?

As war breaks out across the land and its citizens struggle to save what they can of their own shattered lives, the fate of Ilythia will depend on one young girl and her desperate struggle for survival.

The story concludes the story which commenced in As Fire is to Gold, Book One of the Chronicles of the Ilaroi.

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