The Heart of Night Saga

While Mark continues to work on a number of short stories, The Heart of Night Saga is his current primary work-in-progress. It is expected to comprise three books, as outlined below. Mark hopes to have this series ready for publication by the end of 2020.

Though the saga is set some twenty years after the events in the Chronicles of the Ilaroi, and includes some of the characters from that series, the saga will be a stand-alone story.

When Ani, the daughter of Sara and Rayne, sets off with friends to attend a fair only a few days from her home, what starts out as a seemingly harmless adventure proves to be the harbinger of a series of events which will rock Ilythia to its very foundations.

Drawn ever and ever deeper into the machinations of hidden forces, the truth behind the mysterious Ilaroi and the fabulous crystal, Nahmiron, which is so essential to their fantastic powers, will finally be revealed.

But what will be the cost?

  • Book 1 – Acolyte
  • Book 2 – Nahmiron
  • Book 3 – Fariel