Novels and Short Stories

The following is a summary of existing publications and work-in-progress by Mark McCabe.

Click on the links to find out more or to purchase copies of existing publications.

While some of Mark’s short stories are only available in their published format [either in anthologies or in various ‘e-zines’], others can be downloaded for free as PDF documents from this website.


Chronicles of the Ilaroi

Empire of the Fallen [a work in progress]

  • Book 1: The Stars Do So Incline Us
  • Book 2: By the Rising of the Moon
  • Book 3: Sword Upon Shield
  • Book 4: Fate of the Krell

The Heart of Night Saga [a work in progress]

  • Book 1: Acolyte
  • Book 2: Nahmiron
  • Book 3: Fariel


  • Barnacle Island
  • The Interview
  • The Man With the Wrong Shadow
  • Time to Reflect
  • The Towers of Trinkolai